C.K.S Co., Ltd. is a carotenoids distributor of Allied Biotech Corporation in Vietnam.


1.   Altratene: Beta- carotene E160a(i)

Altratene is yielding a yellow to orange range of colours.

Beta carotene is also known as pro-vitamin A, because it is converted into vitamin A in the body as needed. Beta carotene is therefore a safe source of vitamin A.

Beta carotene is also a powerful antioxidant, which may help protect the human body by disabling free radicals before they cause lasting cell damage.

2.   Altratene Apocarotenal: Apocarotenal E160e

Altratene Apocarotenal is yielding an orange to red-orange range of colours

Apocarotenal is also known as pro-vitamin A and a safe source of vitamin A.


3.   Canthatene: Canthaxanthin E161g

Canthatene is yielding a red colour.


4.   Lycotene: Lycopene E160d(i)

Lycotene is yielding a red-brown to brownish colour.

Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant and several studies suggest that it may help lower the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.


5.   Lutene: Lutein E161b

Lutene is a yielding yellow colour.

Studies suggest that Lutein may help protect the eye against cataract and macular degeneration. Skin health benefits have also been documented.


Allied Biotech Corporation’s comprehensive range of carotenoid formulations are suitable for all applications:

• Powders are recommended for use in food, beverage and supplement application in powdered or water based form.

• Oil suspensions are commonly used in margarines, soups, sauces, dressing, popcorn or soft gel capsules.

• Emulsions are typically added to beverage, fruit preparation, dairy and other water based food products.





Allied Biotech is SGS ISO 9001, 22000 and HACCP certified. All products also have OU Kosher and Halal certifications and they offer an extensive range of palm oil free formulations.


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