We are exclusive marketing and sales of Matrix Flavours and Fragrances – Malaysia. Just name some typical flavours.

Sweet Flavours

Savoury Flavours 

Banana flavour Beef flavour
Butter milk flavour Chicken flavour
Chocolate flavour Fish sauce flavour
Coconut flavour Garlic flavour
Durian flavour Meat flavour
Lychee flavour Onion flavour
Mango flavour Salmon flavour
Mixed fruit flavour Smoke flavour
Pandan flavour Wasabi flavour
Peach flavour and so on
Pineapple flavour
Strawberry flavour
Wintermelon flavour
and so on


The primary function of flavours is to add taste to foods, as they have no nutritional properties. Flavours come in natural, nature identical and artificial classification

There are two main types of flavours:

Flavours have various application in food


All our products are packed and sealed to ensure quality and safety standards are maintained at all times and to facilitate efficient and effective transportation. All liquid products are packed in the following configurations:

  • 5kg HDPE Containers
  • 25kg HDPE Containers

All powdered products are packed in the following configuration:

  • 5kg Aluminium Bag



Please contact us and provide us with information (on application, processing condition, heat resistant requirement, sample quantity,...), we will advise you the best suitable flavour samples.


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