Gelatin is a protein obtained by hydrolysing pig skins, bovine hides, and bovine bones without the addition of additives or preservatives. Today, gelatin is classified as a foodstuff and is one of the most versatile food ingredients for commercial food manufacturing.

Our gelatin is imported from PB Gelatins/PB Leiner - a part of Tessenderlo Group. Our products meet the highest standard for Food and Pharmaceutical industry.

Our gelatin classification:

There are three main types of gelatin:

             -  Regular gelatins for pharma, food and photographic applications.

             -  Cold soluble gelatins:

                       Cryogel®: Cold soluble gelatins

                       Instagel®: Instant cold soluble gelatins

             -  Collagen hydrolysates:

                       Solugel® and Peptein®

Gelatin – abundant supplement source of amino acids:

Our product is obtained from the collagen protein by hot water extraction, gelatin is a natural and easily digestible pure protein, free from fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. It contains 18 different amino acids, including 7 of the 8 essential to the human diet.

Main amino acid in gelatin :


Valine, threonine, phenylalanine, methionine, lysine, leucine and isoleucine are essential amino acids that can not be synthesized by human body.

Application in food:

In the food industry, gelatin is used in a wide variety of products.

  • Confectionery: Gummy bears and similar sweets, marshmallows, fruit chews, and toffees, but also as a binder in tablets and as a film-forming agent in coated articles.


  • Dairy & desserts: Ice creams, yoghurts, ready-to-eat desserts, mousses, low-fat spreads and, of course, the typical “gelatin desserts” or table jellies.


  • Meat: Gelatin is most commonly used in aspics and savoury jellies, but also in canned products.
  • Wines and juices: Gelatin also performs very well in the clarification of wines and juices.


In addition, gelatin can be found its application in the following segments:

  • Micro-encapsulation of flavors, colorants and vitamins
  • As a stabilizer in cream fillings for frozen baked products
  • As a stabilizer in the manufacture of various types of icings and glazes
  • As a thickener in soups, sauces and gravies
  • As a clarifying agent for wines and juices​

Other non-food applications:

  • Photographic applications: Gelatin is mainly used in the manufacture of photographic (color) paper. Other applications include (certain types of) high quality printing paper for inkjet printers and photographic film
  • Paper production
  • Textile production
  • Fertilizers
  • Matchstick production

Thank you very much for your interest in our gelatin basic information. If you need more information, samples, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us.


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