Olam announces acquisition of Indonesia’s largest cocoa processor,....

Olam announces acquisition of Indonesia’s largest cocoa processor, BT Cocoa

According to information from Global food and agri-business Olam International Limited that on 26th February 2019 Olam Cocoa completed the acquisition of BT Cocoa, Indonesia’s largest cocoa processor, and it is now a part of the Olam Cocoa family.

• Olam International Limited has acquired an 85% share of YTS Holdings Pte Limited for a consideration of USD$90 million which is 100% owner of PT. Bumitangerang Mesindotama (“BT Cocoa”)

• The remaining 15% of shares are to be held by the founding members of BT Cocoa, Piter Jasman and family

• The acquisition satisfies increasing customer demand by bringing together Olam Cocoa, a world leader in traceable cocoa bean sourcing and processing, and BT Cocoa, the largest cocoa processor in Indonesia. Olam Cocoa offers scalability from origin sourcing, trading, risk management, value chain processing and supply chain solutions, to sustainability, research and development, and cocoa ingredient innovation. BT Cocoa supplies a total installed cocoa bean grind and cocoa mass capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes and a facility equipped with the latest processing technology.

• Strengthens brand portfolio offering by adding strong Indonesian national brand BT Cocoa and enables the further development and growth of Olam Cocoa’s Huysman brand.


About Olam International Limited

Olam International is a leading food and agri-business supplying food, ingredients, feed and fibre to over 22,000 customers worldwide. Our value chain spans over 60 countries and includes farming, processing and distribution operations, as well as a sourcing network of 4.7 million farmers.

Olam Cocoa’s portfolio of ingredient brands is led by deZaan, with its heritage of more than 100 years of excellence, as well as African origin brand Unicao, South American origin brand Joanes, the regional Macao and Huysman cocoa powder brands and the Britannia confectionery and speciality fats brand.

Headquartered and listed in Singapore, Olam currently ranks among the top 30 largest primary listed companies in terms of market capitalisation on SGX-ST.

For more information, please visit https://www.olamgroup.com/news/all-news/press-release/Olam-announces-acquisition-of-Indonesias-largest-cocoa-processor.html


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