Matrix Flavours now proudly presents new flavours for the Protein i...

Matrix Flavours now proudly presents new flavours for the Protein industry

Sports nutrition has become more prevalent in the last decade due to an increase in health concerns and changing lifestyles. According to Mintel, 31% of UK adults have used a sports nutrition product in 2018. Today, one of the most popular supplements in that category would be protein powder.

Protein powder can be split based on milk-based and plant-based proteins. Milk-based proteins such as whey are the most used right now and are still gaining popularity in many demographics. Plant-based proteins, made from brown rice, soy, hemp, sunflower and pea are also on the rise due to rising vegan dietary patterns in many developed countries.

Matrix has introduced new flavours for both the milk-based and plant-based proteins. The new range of flavours aims to lower the barriers of entry for new users and lifestyle users, while also enriching existing user’s experiences and leave a lasting positive impression.


Plant-Based Protein powders flavour solutions

Functional doesn’t mean compromising on taste! Come explore these delicious flavours specifically developed for plant-based protein drinks.

Matrix offers you flavours that make you forget you are on diet.




New tasty flavours for your Whey Protein powders.

Lifting your spirits up through great tastes. Step away from traditional flavours and try something new. Matrix developed a range of unique flavours specially for maximum post-workout enjoyment.


Salted Caramel

Banana Cinnamon

Creamy Vanilla Chocolate





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