Delicious, tasty and strong - just what you are looking for to leave a big impression with your energy drinks.

Matrix Flavours launches new flavours for the energy drink market to support energy drink manufacturers to make a big impression, to cater for the growing energy drinks market.

Specifically, Matrix has worked on formulations for the E-gamers segment- improving eyecare for the athletes in front of computer screens for hours on end, by incorporating ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve eye health.

E-sports! Tired eyes and energy drains are two of the biggest fears of E-gamers. Energy drink manufacturers can support them in their journey of becoming champions by offering energy drinks specific to their needs. At Matrix, we have developed new flavours for a great taste, along with ingredients that improve eye health.

To begin with research and development: we always aim to offer and recommend the flavours that you are looking for. Matrix research the market and its trends. Afterwards, we develop the flavours, which we improve until satisfied.

The new flavour range also incorporates natural flavours to cater for the consumer demands of natural alternatives to energy drinks.

Mintel indicated about 75% of adults in France think sport drinks contain too many artificial flavours. 43% of the adult soft drink consumers in China are looking for more natural alternatives to their soft drink.

The Matrix energy drink range includes the following flavours:

Triple Berry Passion fruit Blackcurrant Kiwi Pineapple Pear

To conclude; we are your partner that supplies you the tiny ingredient that leaves a big impression. Choose tasty, choose Matrix.

Origin: http://matrixflavours.com/


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